Monday, November 28, 2011

-5- Alert! Education prices go up!

My CUNY is raising tuition, and it's quite ridiculous since the quality of the education keeps going down. I understand that cunys are normally full of idiots, and that's fine because they pay for their education (which they take with them to the couch where they'll be spending the next many many years). But those of us actually interested in education are being screwed over backwards. The tuition hike isn't much... yet. 

But increasing it by 300 bucks every year for five years? My financial aid won't cover that. That will mean having to get a job to pay. Which will mean going part time, which will mean more fees, and less financial aid. More fees and less financial aid means more working, which means less education. Basically cuny is telling everyone to leave cuny. That's smart, and that's exactly what we should be doing, but... a little rude isn't it? Might as well just stop the system and call it quits.

'Here's the info in case you're interested:

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