Tuesday, November 29, 2011

-6- On Rain

Despite rain becoming a common feature in my writing, I vehemently dislike rain. The clouds turn dark, the goddamn water is everywhere. It's in the puddles, its above me, it's in my shoes, etc. I hate riding on the subway and seeing the raindrops on every window, distorting the view outside. I dislike the way right after rain lands on me, the cold wind immediately shows up to freeze the skin where the rain landed. Rain sucks.

What I love, however, is going outside when the rain is over. The sun shines and reflects of every single raindrop on the street, making it seem like it's covered in diamonds. I like the way the puddles reflect the blue sky above and seem to be a portal into a different world. I remember passing by such a puddle and seeing a tree branch above it reflected. This was in springtime, and I could see in the clear reflection that the tree was beginning to flower. That made my day, and that is why I will always love what comes after rain.

Reading over this entry, I see that rain is just something unpleasant that I have to go through in order to get what I want. I guess it is worth tolerating, for just a little while.

Rain, I hope you leave soon.

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