Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Day 1

First aphorism

"Everything I perceive of the world is a reflection of myself. I must always think twice before I declare the world as unjust. Perhaps the fault is my own." 

This is a logical keystone that I come back to time and time again, and thus I felt compelled to state it on my first day. Any and all analysis conducted will never be truly objective because the mind knows what it wants to find, and is rarely pleased at being disproved. Perhaps this only applies to me; nonetheless I will still admit it. 

Before making any judgement, I always, always, have to make sure I know that the judgment is made out of conscious understanding of the difference between what is desired, and what is finalized. It is easy to make an inflammatory statement about the world. But is it easy to know that you can be wrong? It is not so for anyone; it is certainly not the case for me. Nonetheless, there is no compelling argument that can turn the wrong answer right. I have turned away from debate time and time again, because I realized that neither side would be willing to accept itself as wrong. That is not the way a conclusion can be reached. 

"Those who live by the sword, die by the sword." 

Most people don't accept that. I understand why; the concept of death, is as sickening as the concept of error, defeat. The associations have been made long before I had been born; I was raised into them. I will try to unravel as many associations that I believe are made wrongly, state my own arguments, and my convictions. I will, however, accept that I am open to error, and I will be open to new understandings, even if they are against my own convictions. 

To the days ahead, the many statements that must me made, the many discoveries and conclusions, and the many, many errors that will arise as a result. 

Cheers, and welcome to my blog.

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