Saturday, February 4, 2012

-20- First February Post - On Cynicism.

A great point was brought up in an article I read recently. This was on, and the author was John Cheese, although I don't think that's his real name. He's been a pretty typical writer except he started writing about his life experiences and that really hit off for him because he's got this sheepish truthful humble "aw shucks" kind of style, and it's actually really good, considering the issues he talks about. Nonetheless this isn't about that or him, but a point he brought up. The point was that cynicism is not much different than ignorance, which it criticizes so vehemently. Most cynics just become cynical and leave it at that. "At last I know the truth!" is sadly the thought that most cynics have. But it's not so. That was his point and he explained it pretty well in his own way, but I'll do it my way because I don't like his style.

As a person who has been pretty often accused of being a cynic, I can say what's expected of a cynic and what people define it by, and etc. I know what a cynic is, essentially. And it's really nothing more than being an asshole. It's like being a hipster, because all you're doing is trying to avoid saying something mainstream. Someone asks you a "mainstream" question and you scoff at them and their mainstream crap. That's the gist of it, and it's quite pathetic when you realize it. I'm known as a cynic because I do bring up the other view, and sometimes I spout something unique. Yes, quite often it is because I want attention or something, but more often than not, it's an attempt to make the conversations more exciting. And it's also honesty. Sometimes an honest opinion happens to be a cynical one, and I stick by honesty more often than not.

But that doesn't mean that cynicism is a good thing. Truth is, there is no final verdict on life. Santa Claus doesn't exist, okay cool. But the story does do a lot of good for kids. Fairy tales are b.s., but they teach morals to little kids. Growing up means going through stages when you will believe in this stuff and it doesn't mean the world was out to fuck with you by making you believe in Santa. It was about letting you have a good time. And there's no reason to feel betrayed because it's not true. Once again, it was never about tricking people.

Now even the big topics like religion also are something people are cynical about pretty often. God? Fuck god and his fairy tales, is something you're bound to hear from a cynical atheist. I'm an atheist too and I do stray away from the topic because I know I might say something cynical too (might is an understatement). Nonetheless, religion did allow for an organized society. I don't like to use the argument of "the devil you know is better than the devil you don't know," but religion played an important role in early society and still does today. There are people who need to believe in god, even if you're not one of them.

There is a lot of good in life and by being cynical, you're limiting yourself from noticing it. Don't limit yourself by sticking to any particular view because then you get to experience even less. You can believe everything you hear, disbelieve everything you hear, you can act like a jerk or you can be nice to everyone, it's all optional, but the point is to be able to know what you're actually doing and when.

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  1. Cynicism goes far beyond religion and fairy tale, my friend.

    Cynicism is in every single individual and cannot be avoided. The perfect example of cynicism... is the everyday family household.

    Outlooks on life, and tales of moral are placed upon you, as children, from your elders, as guidance. It is considered, in today's society, a necessity, in order to give a foundation to us as againg individuals, so that we may protest or detest such mindsets when we reach an old enough age to think for ourselves.

    It is for this reason that I am glad to have grown up as a Roman Catholic, reading gospel stories and participating in classes, despite my current questioning of the teachings of my religion. It gave me good morals standards, and it gave me SOMETHING to question. I'm not a hipster, I'm not a cynical individual.

    Rather, I use the cynicism of others to develop my OWN "cynicism" if you will. Everyone retains cynicism to some degree. It's not something to attack someone for.

    Don't attack people for their cynicism, instead: TAKE A STEP BACK. Look at the point their trying to make, their mindset, that LEAD to that cynicism. Attack THAT, or dispute for/against it.

    If you call someone a cynic, you're being just as cynical, yourself. Be human, and have an opinion, for chrissake.