Friday, January 27, 2012

-19- On Having fun?

I like to think that with every moment that passes, I grow to become a better human being. In this case, I don't mean better as in "good", or "bad", but just better. It's a nice feeling to have, and I'll be able to trick myself with it for a while until I start to get really old. Nonetheless, I'll still be able to look back and say, "well shit, at least I'm not going to repeat THAT."

And oh boy is there a lot of shit not worth repeating. And this isn't about things I regret, but just about small, dumb things that I'm glad I won't do again. In fact, I feel quite proud of some of the stupid things I did. Have you ever thrown a stink bomb in a classroom because of a dare? I did, because I was the new kid and I didn't give a fuck about dares. It was stupid and I got shit from the man for it, but I don't mind making that mistake. It's not because "nobody's perfect"; it's because it was fun! And I like fun. In fact, That's how I gauge my growth, by the degree of fun I can get out of life.  That's how you know you're improving.

There's a large unsaid truth in the world that people keep trying to hide. Here it is, plain and simple. If you're not getting fun out of life, you're doing it wrong. And don't start criticizing just yet. Yes, there are ups and downs in life, and if happiness was the natural state, then it wouldn't really be happiness, I get that. But why the fuck not, people? I mean, come on, happiness is what we should all be aiming for, right? Immortality is apparently impossible (shut up science geeks), and afterlife..., let's just say the pagans had their own views on this stuff too, and we laugh at THEIR religion, don't we?
Happiness is the one value that I think most people share in common. Some depressing motherfuckers will disagree, but fuck 'em. Life's a party.

Think about all the things you can get out of life. You can't live forever. Most, most of us won't get filthy rich, and for some that do, it won't do much good either. A lot of people will die young and won't see it coming. Some others will die very fucking old and won't even know who they are by the time it happens. That happens, this are not things that are up to debate. No old guy can say, "fuck this, whip out the time machine, I want to go back to when i was twenty!" Dead people don't start banging the coffin "I swear to god, I didn't know I put it in reverse!" It just happens. But what is up to debate is how you look at life and what you want to get. For me, I want to get fun out of my life. That's how I know I've gotten better at something I am doing; when I get more fun out of it.

Think about what kind of a person you are. I know what kind of a person I am; I'm a fun guy. I like to make jokes, bad jokes, good jokes, all kinds of jokes. I like to write, I like to draw, I like to eat tasty things and then tell everyone about it. My god have you tried the pizza place on bay ridge? God fucking DAMN it's good. These are things I like because they're fun, and I like fun. The only thing I like more than having fun is having even more fun, and I'll do anything for it.

What do you like most in life? Do you like fun, like I do? Do you like being sad? It's okay, you're allowed to be different, i won't bully anyone.


  1. I pretty much completely agree with pretty much everythign said here. Just because life has it's ups and downs doesn't mean u can't wing it, and have fun with what you're doing. There's always a way to put light on events and drown out the sorrow with coping mechanisms and support from pals. There are infinitely many ways to keep adding fun into your life. For me, I know I'm having fun, when I'm making progress, because making progress feels good, and when I feel good, I'm having fun!

    Still stink bombs are NOT cool, bro. xD

  2. О, нет, где моя шляпа