Saturday, January 7, 2012

-15- Discoveries away from the keyboard. Part 1, the iPad

I'll be honest about it, everyone is a computer addict by now, and those who aren't, are probably using the iphone or something like that. Not me, I'm a class act, I will live and die by my laptop (well, when the laptop dies, I'll get a new one, but still). Something about not having to constantly touch the screen attracts me. I was using an iPad the other day, and it was not worth the hype. I know that everyone was talking about how shitty it was going to be, and when it came out everyone loved it, but I wasn't impressed by it, and I approached the iPad pretty open mindedly. It's just annoying to zoom in and out, and whatnot. The keyboard constantly makes a clicking noise, and it irritates you until you turn it off, and then you want it back. Half the websites I know had a completely different layout for iPad users, and it... was shitty. It was like traveling into the distant future and realizing that things have somehow gone terribly wrong. What's most curious is how hard logging out is. It's like in the far right corner, occasionally at bottom left, just to confuse the crap out of you, and you can never click it on the first try without setting off some advertisement, unless you zoom in. It's disappointing how honest the programmers are these days, all of this just screams "you're a consumer, and we don't give a fuck about what you want because you'll take it." And it's true. Think about it. The keyboard on the iPad is not practical; it's made for minimal input. You can't use it to write anything more than a paragraph long email, maybe a text message. If there is a better keyboard option, let me know and I'll stand corrected. All the websites you visit on the iPad, almost all, at least, offer you a downloadable app, most of which are required if you want at least a half assed experience of the website, and they're supposedly "free". They really aren't though, because they take up space. There's a difference between price and cost, and while the price may be zero, the cost is still there. The last piece of bickering with the iPad, is the size of the goddamn pictures everywhere. I'm not quite sure at what point in time people reverted back to caveman mode, I'm still personally proud of our reading and writing skills, but pictures are definitely back with a bang. Half the website logos are huge, and while with Google, I can understand (it's a search engine, you don't need much space for it, the other websites are definitely pushing it. Big pictures do not impress me, especially when you can zoom in and our of those fuckers anyway. Reading on the iPad is decent, I won't lie about that, but if the webpage isn't in the right format, then fuck you, you'll be shifting left and right to get a complete sentence, which just isn't worth the time it consumes.

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  1. I'm a total apple hater because their iDouchebag products have the worst user base. That's my only reason for hatin', and I tried the iPad too. It is indeed overrated, and reading on an iPad is shit on your eyes too.