Friday, December 2, 2011

-9- The Societal Scenario

The core question that has to be answered by the founding of any society is simple: "How does one manage men." It is an unquestionable truth that in order to be in power, someone has to concede it. The rulers of any society, therefore, have to find a way to get the other people to concede. This can be done through violence, such as in ancient master slave societies, through diplomatic means, which are usually a "dagger in the cloth" kind of deals, not much differing from violence, but the best way is education.

This is not a repeat of the previous entries; instead the point here is completely different. The natural way to determine who controls whom is done by juxtaposition. Whoever is better fitted wins. Now, however, people are simultaneously taught that they are all the same, then forced to compete with each other until a greater portion is weeded out, and the ones that are left continue to maintain the system that put them at the top. If this was the gist of it, I still wouldn't mind. The problem is rather that the rest of the people who have already lost the race are then baited to work to maintain the system that put them at the bottom, with the unrealistic goal of beating the system. There is no such thing. This is not about class inequality, there never will be, nor should there be a single common class; it is the difference between classes that is the driving force of society. The problem is that people should know better than to be tricked into maintaining a system that exploits them after discarding them, for it's own sustainability.

In yesterday's example, I gave my theory on how the decision of who is in power and who is not is made between two individuals. But how does one stay in power? The answer is simple: you tell the people you control that they are free and unrestrained. Tell them that they too, can be in power if they work hard enough, and make it sound good. The people who are truly under control must never know it; very few of them will suffer knowing that their suffering is not the cause of their own mistakes.

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